It was early October and Second Star was waiting for her haulout date. Stripped of sails and running rigging her season was over. The day dawned overcast and drizzling with a forecast of warmth and sun in the afternoon, a great day for an afternoon paddle. In the rain we set off for Lakeview Wildlife Management Area to paddle on South Sandy Creek.



You might be thinking paddling videos are nice, but what about sailing? After all the site is about a sailboat and sailing adventures. Well, I’m working on them. We did sail this summer, heading to Dutch John Bay on Stony Island and then off to Cape Vincent and a couple of Canadian Islands. Editing the footage and putting together the story takes time, while a short paddling video is much easier to create, the story line is clear and the footage short.


This summer we crossed paths with the St. Lawrence IIand Blackjack, tall ships plying the waters around Kingston and the St. Lawrence River. Take at look at the vessels on these two short videos.






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