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Latest Plans

May 17, 2022, Oriental, NC: We continue our northward journey. After leaving Charleston on May 7, we moved up the coast moving almost daily. We'll stay in Oriental for a couple of days before resuming our travels. We expect to arrive in the Norfolk region around Memorial Day after an obligatory stop at Coinjock. Then some time the Chesapeake visiting with friends. Our goal is to be back on Lake Ontario around Independence Day.

May 6, 2022, Charleston, SC: We made the trip back, arriving on Wednesday May, 4 after a 54.5 hour 396 nm sail from the Abacos. Our last week in the Bahamas found us fairly isolated with poor to no internet connectivity, updates were not possible. It was a good crossing, I'm writing about it now. Weather permitting we leave tomorrow for Georgetown, SC about 60 miles away as we work further north to Lake Ontario. Short updates on our plans should become more regular as internet access improves.

April 26, 2022, Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Bahamas: The time has come to head north. Tomorrow (4/27) we begin to work our way west back through the Abacos. This time the wind, if there is any will be with us. A good weather window should open beginning Monday (5/2) that will allow us to make good progress and sail in comfortable conditions. Our destination is not yet determined, however it will likely be between St. Augustine, FL and Charlestown, SC. If we have internet access when we make the decision, we'll post our destination. 

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We do wear lifejackets (PFD--Personal Flotation Device) when the conditions in our judgement warrant wearing them. The primary considerations are risk of falling overboard and ease of recovery. At night we wear inflatable lifejackets and are tethered to the boat because one of us may be alone in the cockpit while the other is sleeping and recovery would be difficult or impossible. During periods of high winds and boisterous sea states or if we have to leave the cockpit for an extended time lifejackets are on. When seas are calm and we are in the cockpit, the risk of falling overboard is low and ease of recovery is high, we are unlikely to be wearing a life jacket.

There are 3 types of life jackets on board, standard foam vests (4), inflatable PFDs with a harness (2), and inflatable PFDs with a back tow harness and AIS/DSC locators attached. We choose the PFD to match the conditions we are in. The backtow PFDs are used at night as we are at greatest risk and the locating devices will wake the dead and enable a quicker recovery. In addition to the PFDs we have equipment to help safely bring a person back on board, a Lifesling and Switlik MOM8-A

In the worse case scenario, if we should have to abandon ship, we carry a 6 person coastal life raft and an Emergency Postion Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB). The SPOT tracker we use also has an emergency panic button as does our VHF radios which will send a distress signal and our location. Should we have to continue our adventure in the life raft, we have ditch bag containing food, water, and other essential supplies allowing us to stay alive, if not comfortable, for a few days. The signaling devices will enable search and rescue operations to locate us quickly.