Susan, Dave and Second Star hail from Little Sodus Bay, Fair Haven, New York on the eastern end of Lake Ontario. We’re leaving a great community of friends at Fairpoint Marina and are happy to have such a wonderful place to return to whenever that may be.

Dave came to sailing as a child in Hawai'i. He learned on his own to feel the wind and guide his boat across the water and he is never as happy and relaxed as when he is sailing. Living aboard and traveling on the water are a dream a long time in the making.

Susan came to sailing unwittingly when she answered an online ad for a “First Mate”.  She assumed this was a euphemism. Sixteen years later she is ready for life aboard and all that may bring. Although understanding the wind continues to be a challenge, she can pretty much put her hands on the right lines and expects the next year to increase her sailing capabilities.

In life before retirement Dave was a School Psychologist in the Syracuse City School District and Susan was a Psychiatric Social Worker. Susan’s son David will be helping to keep things together at home until our return.