Living in a small space that is constantly moving presents its own set of challenges. These are some of the ways we have found to increase or comfort and pleasure while living aboard.

Saving Water

Sailors worry about water. They are consumed with concerns about water. Water is essential to their very survival and their boat’s safety. Too little water and the boat is aground, too much water in the wrong place and the boat is on the bottom. Water of the wrong kind, well Samuel Coleridge said it best, “Water, water everywhere, and nary a drop to drink.”

Second Star carries almost 100 gallons of drinking water, enough with careful use to last about two weeks. With a limited water supply, every ounce is precious. Cleaning stuff, cooking utensils, eating utensils, and human appendages are the largest consumers of water. Water of course is needed for survival, saving water when cleaning makes a difference.

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The Throne

Preparing to liveaboard a sailboat for a year entails many considerations. With an endless budget a boat could be designed and built to make life as comfortable on board as it is on land. There are boats available that do just that. Those were beyond our budget.

Transforming Second Star from an able coastal cruiser sailing from marina to marina with short stays on anchor entailed consideration of our daily activities and how to make them comfortable. Activities that were frequent, daily or more often rose to the top of the list, less frequent activities fell lower on the list. Landing at the top were sleeping, eating, and eliminating.

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Save the Knees!

Sailors spend a lot of time in awkward positions and frequently on their knees for long period of time. One of the most useful items we have is a gardener’s kneeling pad. Designed for the gardener who spends time weeding and planting they are also work for the sailor working on the diesel, cleaning the sole, or digging through lockers. They can also double as a cockpit cushion. We have couple onboard.

Available online at Amazon or most home and garden centers.