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Published: 06 September 2021 06 September 2021
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It has been a long time coming. Over a year and finally Second Star was moving under sail. She was re-launched last Friday, and we moved aboard. Saturday morning, we set off for Charles Island near Milford, CT. Noticed I wrote “set off” not sailed off, once again the wind was mostly absent and what wind there was light and not in our favor; a good opportunity to try out the new transmission.

Sunday dawned with gray skies and mirror seas. The forecast was optimistic for south to southwest wind at 10-15 knots. Within a half hour of weighing anchor, the forecast winds arrived gradually building to 15-20 knots all on the starboard quarter. It was a fast sail with speed through the water in 7-8 knot range. At the halfway mark, the tide changed and soon were making 9 knots or better over the ground, even hitting 10 on occasion. And best of all, no tacking or gybing for 50 miles! We had a peaceful evening in Chocomount Cove on Fishers Island. Labor Day was spent relaxing and addressing never ending chores.

Returning to Second Star and leaving the dock was a welcome and long anticipated act. For 18 days prior we had lived in three different hotels, had 2 different rental cars and had grown tired of restaurants, not to mention the expense of eating out and the boredom of hotel confinement and waiting for hurricane remnants to pass through. On a bright note we did earn a boatload of loyalty points, even became a Gold Level member of the Hilton Honors Program (Whoo-hoo!).

We tried to fill our days and evenings with sightseeing, boat maintenance and cleaning, and binge-watching Ted Lasso and The Good Fight. The Erie Canal trip had left its mark, literally, on Second Star so we worked to hide the evidence. She’s much cleaner now, had her bottom paint touched up (Defender was out of quarts of our bottom paint in blue, hence the black.), and replaced a few broken parts.

Once back onboard it was Déjà vu all over again. As we re-provisioned and tried to find places for everything. The quarter-berth, aka the garage, had been emptied to gain access to the transmission, tools and parts were scattered about and we had to find a place to sleep. The process continued early on Saturday before leaving Stamford and again that evening. Today, organization seems never ending a work in progress. I’m sure we’ll get the organization issue licked by the time we return next summer.

Each of us has routines and rhythms around which we organize our lives. Before moving aboard we tried to predict those routines and rhythms, organizing the boat and preparing her for our life aboard. This has been the dominant theme in our lives over the past two months. A month ago, just as the routines were being established, the transmission had other ideas. We were tossed back into chaos as we had to find places to live and for a week live without knowing Second Star’s future. Had we not found what was apparently the only Hurth KMD12M transmission in the US, our trip would have been delayed by months. We are now back on board, working to establish and re-establish the rhythms that work for us. Leaving us to ask the big question of the day, “When does the fun begin?”

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Oh, and when did the fun begin? Years ago, when we started planning and preparing for this trip. Somedays are just more fun than others.

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