The sounds of metaphorical tires screeching to a halt echoed along the Florida Coast just before Christmas. In response to the rising number of Covid-19 infections the Government of the Bahamas instituted new travel restrictions. The new requirements, while adequate for those traveling by air or cruise ship pose new challenges for boaters making it difficult to visit the Bahamas.

The entry requirement changes are causing Susan and me to rethink our itinerary, as much as there has been one. We are both triple vaccinated and because of our lifestyle at little risk for contracting Covid and at even lower risk for becoming so ill we need hospitalization. That is not the only concern. Medical facilities in all the island nations are limited. Any significant outbreak in the Bahamas will quickly overrun their ability to provide care for their citizens and visitors for any accident or illness. We are as or more concerned about non-Covid illnesses and accidents.

Two years ago, when we began final planning for our adventure, we labeled the plans, Plan A, Plan B, etc. Many events have transpired causing unforeseen changes in our plans, I think we have just about run out of the alphabet, our plans are now getting double letters, starting with Plan AA.

Plan AA has us sailing to the Florida Keys and perhaps out to the Dry Tortugas. If the latest wave of Covid subsides quickly we may return to prior plans to visit the Bahamas. We have time, our last Bahamas plan had us leaving Florida at the end of January and spending 90 days in the Islands. At this point a short visit in late March or April remains feasible before we head back north. We’ll see, our plans are always written in sand at low tide.

Public Domain image from the CDC.




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