Stamford to Block Island

We left our home port a bit more than six weeks ago. The first two weeks we navigated the 30 locks in the Erie Canal and made our way through NYC. We got to Long Island Sound and spent a night in Oyster Bay then headed east, motoring.  The boat came to a grinding halt outside of Stamford Connecticut and we had to suffer the indignity of being towed into a marina and subsequently spent almost three weeks in and around there while we got our transmission diagnosed and replaced. The boat had to be hauled out of the water, the quarter berth (where most of our stuff is kept) had to be emptied out in order for the mechanic to gain access to the engine, the refrigerator had to be emptied (because we were not connected to power) and we had to pack all of our clothes.

Under different circumstances we might have enjoyed Connecticut but honestly, we just weren’t in the mood. We were fortunate to have our boat in the capable hands of the Hinckley Boat Yard so while the delay was frustrating, we were confident in their ability to do the job and the staff were all good and friendly people. They were genuinely happy for us when we pulled off their dock last Saturday morning. (Or maybe just glad to get us out of their hair, hard to say)

Dawn at Charles Island

Since our re-start things have mostly been wonderful. Our first night was spent anchored at Charles Island near Milford, a beautiful spot recommended by a a friend of Dave’s from one of the sailing forums.  It was Labor Day weekend so it was festive until sunset and then settled into a peaceful place. The next morning dawned silver as we set out for the day.  The wind picked up immediately and we were able to sail for 50 miles to Chocomount Cove, Fishers Island without having to tack..

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