There Ought to be a Law

A version of this article originally appeared in the Dog Watch a news letter published by Good Old Boat Magazine.

A surveyor had pointed out the need to replace a failing exhaust hose on Second Star, the 1993 Sabre 362 I’d just bought. Complying with that recommendation had consumed my day. At first the work progressed as I’d hoped, both ends of the hose were easily accessible and within a few minutes I’d disconnected the hose and clipped the wire ties securing it. But then the battle began, with me losing at several attempts to remove the hose.

The hose passed through a bulkhead and made a gentle turn through another bulkhead into the lazarette to the exhaust port. Seemed straightforward. But move it would not.

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Harken Traveler Car Repair

A version of this article appeared in the July/August 2020 issue of Good Old Boat Magazine.

It might have been an omen or a couple of them that drove me to inspect the 26-year-old Harken Traveler Car on Second Star, a Sabre 362. A young sailor documented the repair of a similar traveler on YouTube and a week later a fellow Sabre sailor experienced the destruction of his car during an accidental gybe. While not normally superstitious, I try to be prudent and inspected my traveler car for wear.

The traveler car is an item that can get taken for granted. The common complaint is difficulty moving the car under load; so long as it rolls easily on the track, all is good. However, lurking beneath the lower mainsheet block are two shackles that silently grind away at each other eroding the stainless steel. Eventually the shackles reach a breaking point during a jibe or tack in heavy weather, resulting in a wildly flailing boom.

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